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Beat Burnout and Discover Your Best Health Through Community & Connection

 Learn how harnessing your unique feminine DNA and the science of community can take your health and success to the next level and learn more about our exclusive women's community, The Wild Collective.

The Secrets of Women's Wellness You Need To unlock Your Best Health, Performance and Success
If you want to have big impact and chase down big dreams, you need the support of a healthy body and mindset. Learn how harnessing your unique feminine DNA and community can take your health and success to the next level.

Do You Feel........

  • Stressed and tired with little opportunity to prioritize yourself?
  • Lonely and isolated when what you actually crave is deep meaningful connection, purpose and passion and a community to support your success?
  • Confused and overwhelmed in your quest for better health and desperately needing clarity and a deeper understanding of your unique health journey?

You are not alone. 

The last year has challenged women's physical, mental and emotional health like never before and has fast tracked the need for a radical change in the women's health narrative.

It's time to take back our health.
It's time to reclaim our wild.

Why Connection and Community Are Keys to Finally Beating Burnout
Women are hardwired for connection. Studies show we are statistically more empowered to maintain our health when we are accountable to others. If you've been trying to find your way to wellness while stressed and alone, there might be actual physiologic road blocks preventing you from reaching your goals.
Why You Need A More Empowered and Clear Approach to Health
There is so much about a women's unique and beautiful DNA that simply isn't covered in a regular medical appointment or a google search. Learn where you need to take a deep dive to get the clarity and support you need to take back the power in your health journey. 
The Revolutionary Way We Are Helping Women Reclaim Their Wild 
You don't need to do this alone and it's way more fun when you don't. Research is showing sustainable and real change when health is delivered in a community setting. Learn about The Wild Collective where we are helping women re-prioritize both themselves and their health through sisterhood and self care.

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Melanie Stevens Sutherland
Founder & Senior Physiotherapist, Body Co
Hi! I'M Melanie

I am a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health, a community educator, a passionate women's health advocate and a mother of two. I am also the founder and director of Body Co, a collaborative multi-disciplinary health clinic, the founder of community health initiatives including The Teen Collective, The Thrive Pregnancy Project and a facilitator of The Wild Collective.

I believe that when women have their health, their potential is limitless. I am passionate about helping women simplify yet optimize their uniquely feminine health to chase down their dreams and reclaim their wild. By doing this in connection with other likeminded women, we don't just empower women live their life with energy and purpose, we change the narrative of women's health.

As a women's health advocate and mother, I understand that women are our primary health decision makers. When we give them back their health, we raise the collective wellness of our families and communities. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions