Elevating the Experience of Pregnancy From Surviving to Thriving

The wellness practices you need for a healthy and energized pregnancy, improved delivery outcomes and optimized recovery

Do you want a pregnancy experience that includes:

  • Feeling energized and strong
  • ​Building a healthy pelvic floor to minimize inconvenient symptoms?
  • ​Understanding the nutrition that will help you maintain a healthy weight and feel great?
  • Adopting a movement and exercise strategy to prepare you for labour and delivery?
  • ​Reducing aches and pains while optimizing recovery?
Pregnancy shouldn't be an experience meant to be endured or spent coping with a long list of symptoms.
We are changing that. 
Learn the key pillars of health, often unexplored in traditional birthing education, that will leave you feeling energized, healthy and ready to tackle motherhood on your own terms.
Optimize your pelvic floor to reduce perinatal incontinence and improve delivery outcomes
Learn how to individualize your exercise based on your symptoms to boost power and prep for delivery
Explore the foods, supplements and nutrition hacks to restore vitality and improve mood and swelling
Learn simple habits that will make you more comfortable and minimize symptoms through all trimesters
Do you feel like you are suffering through pregnancy? 

I did. 

After a healthy but uncomfortable first pregnancy I was shocked by symptoms of painful sex, incontinence and disabling back pain. I grieved my pre-pregnancy body. I didn't live the way I wanted to because I was afraid my body would fail me. I was lonely, tired and felt strange in my own skin.

Worst of all, I accepted this new reality as the cost of being a mom. 

When I became pregnant with my son I knew things had to be change. I made a commitment to prioritize my own health alongside the health of my baby. I sought out wellness professionals and strategies that weren't discussed as part of traditional birthing appointments. I learned how to advocate for myself and take back my wellness.

The result was I got back on my feet and at home in my body sooner and with a renewed energy. Motherhood felt easier because I was stronger, better equipped and happier.

Since then I have helped thousands of clients re-prioritize maternal health through simple and easy to implement practices that set the stage for women to soar through pregnancy and flourish in motherhood. 

In this program you will learn many of the overlooked yet essential tenants of health that can be the keys to a comfortable pregnancy, improved labour outcomes and optimized recovery.
Are You Ready for a New Version of Pregnancy?

Get the Prenatal Health Education & Strategy Our Clients Get Over Multiple Appointments and Thousands of Dollars for the Cost of a Single Session.
This is an investment in motherhood on your terms 
For less than the cost of your daily coffee you will get the equivalent of 3 months worth of in-clinic strategy which could save you thousands of dollars in pre and post natal care.

Here's how it works...
Join me every Wednesday evening, beginning December 2nd for 6 weeks (excluding December 23rd & 30th) for a live masterclass to learn about wellness strategies that will drastically change how you approach the health of your pregnancy.

Can't join us live? No problem, the replay will land in your inbox the very next day.

Dive deeper into our topics in our Facebook community where every Friday morning I will answer your questions live and post a curated selection of on-demand resources and interviews with industry leading perinatal experts based on your specific questions and interests.

Want more? All our our resources and network will be summed up for you in a beautiful weekly download that you can keep to reflect on through your pregnancy.

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  6 live weekly masterclasses and replays with a pelvic health physiotherapist or hollistic nutritionist (value $1080) 
  •  Dedicated and professionally moderated facebook group and weekly facebook lives to answer all of your questions (value $150)
  • ​A pregnancy specific nutrition plan that focuses on energy, vitality and maintaining a healthy gestational weight (value $250)
  • ​Additional on demand masterclasses with industry leading birthing and perinatal specialists (value $400)
  •  Resource library with instructional videos, handouts and evidence-based references (value $250)
  •  The community of other health focused expecting parents to cheer you on and support you in your transition to thrive through pregnancy (Priceless)
That's well over $2000... for $199.
That is actually less than what is costs to see me for a single appointment.

it's time you made yourself and priority

Need a Little More Motivation
18 years of experience has shown me that early adopters and go getters have higher success rates. If you are ready to seriously commit to your health we have some extra bonuses to help keep you on track.
Sign up by NOVEMBER 20th at 11:59 PM EST and receive the following bonuses:
  • FREE 1 month Reviive Membership: Including 70+ virtual restorative movement classes and online coaching
  • 1 Week of virtual or in-class pilates based classes with Saor Studio
  • ​50% off either virtual or in-person post natal pelvic floor assessment with Body Co
  • ​15% off of Fullscript or In-Stock Body Co supplements with a professional recommendation
  • ​Exclusive invitation to 2021 childcare Masterclass with Atelier Kids
Bonuses will only be issued once payment in full is received.
What if I can't make the live times?
No problem. Everything will either be recorded and delivered to you the next day or on the private facebook group for you to enjoy on demand.

What if I need follow up treatment?
All of our participants will have access to our network of providers. We will be happy to help you connect with one of our vetted practitioners.

How can I put the lessons into action?
As part of the program you will get all of our resources to help you do a deeper dive. We have some excellent charts and plans to help you follow up and stay on track.

What is involved in the nutrition component?
Our amazing holistic nutritionist will step in and provide you with professional nutrition advice and a customized meal plan

Can I get the bonuses after the cut-off date?
We reward action takers willing to prioritize their own health and have procured some amazing bonuses. The cut-off date is firm.

Can the program be put through insurance?
The information, although provided by licensed health care professionals, is based in general lifestyle recommendations and without an assessment cannot be submitted to benefits.

Meet Your Expert Village

As part of The Thrive Pregnancy Program, we believe that women deserve to be empowered by cutting edge, evidence-based industry leaders and advice. We've curated a list of the best in the biz to cheerlead and equip your success beyond what simply to expect.

Here are just some of the brilliant minds participants will have access to as part of the program.

Allison Venditti
Founder of Moms at Work by Careerlove.ca
HR Expert, Career Coach, Pay Equity / Transparency Advocate
Riikka Wilson
Founder of Riivive Body
Certified Movement Coach
Founder of C.O.R.E. Informed Strategies

Fernanda Villanueva
Founder Bloom Therapy Toronto
Specializing in Women's Mental Health
Sylvia Walker
Chief Experience Officer, Saor Studio
Pilates Certified Instructor
Movement Educator
Allison Madigan
Holistic Nutritionist
Founder of the Vitality & Wellness Collective and The Vitality Formula
Julia Swaigen
Founder of Attuned Families
Family therapist
School Consultant
Florence Bowen
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Creator of NastyFlo
Pre & Postnatal movement specialist, Birth Doula & Women's Health Advocate
Vania Sukola
Registered Psychotherapist
Feminist & Trauma Focused Psychotherapy
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